What is normalator?

This is best described by an example.

Imagine all the people you know and consider the job title they each have; you may know a Registered Nurse, a Hospital Porter, a Paediatrician, a Teacher, a Head of Information Technology, a Database Engineer, a Road Cleanliness Operator. There are as many job titles as there are jobs in the world. Probably more.

  • normalator allows you to fit each of these job titles into a classification or category you choose.

In marketing this is necessary to help us segment our market and in sales it is necessary to help identify people who might be receptive to our sales efforts.

normalator facilitates the normalization of text field values within CSV files or via a direct connection to Eloqua. You can create reusable Services and Projects to group multiple Services into a convenient collection.

Segmentation, lead scoring and personalization are all essential aims of any successful Marketing Operations programme to help Marketers improve campaign conversion and customer engagement.

Asking potential buyers for detailed information on their requirements on a contact form can in most cases be a real challenge - most prospects are willing to provide company information and job title and it often ends here. Such data is a rich honey pot of goodness for Marketers to use in personalized content. For Sales, used in the right way, it’s highly valuable to improve lead quality and buyer insight. Yet it’s often ignored as being too complicated to work with. These fields are often presented as free text in forms and can vary significantly across companies and industries.

Say hello to normalator, a super-fast and highly effective data normalization and classification software-as-a-service solution that does all the heavy normalizing lifting.

In a nutshell, normalator is capable of taking a field of free text and returning a fixed value based on key word searches. These searches are developed within the system via a series of rules that are created during a learning exercise. Searches are capable of being whole word matches, wild card searches or even as advanced as using Regex. Using these rules marketers can:

  • Easily categorize and classify your existing contact lists with easy to use visual tools
  • Standardize free text fields such as Job Title and Country into categories directly from webforms
  • Classify and normalize existing prospect lists
  • Create ‘Personas’ using rules and logic decisions
  • Inject enhanced personalization into campaigns to improve conversation and engagement
  • Improve lead scoring using normalized values.
  • Integrate with your web forms from any CMS
  • Integrate with your campaign workflow within your marketing automation platforms such as Eloqua.

Adding normalator into your marketing arsenal will help you make sense of your data and greatly increase effectiveness across your campaigns and scoring programs.

Want to know more, contact us today for further information on how we can get your Marketing and Sales teams aligned. Or take a free test drive for 30 days and see for yourself.

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nor-mal-ate [nawr-mah-leyt]
verb used with object​
  • General: to transform free text into one or more categories using keyword identification.
  • Database: to search a free text field in a record for one or more recognizable words and provide a normalized value for that record.
  • Marketing: to categorize job titles - or other contact information - into meaningful categories for segmentation.

nor-mal-ator [nawr-mah-layter]

  • General: something that normalates.
  • Database: a process that normalates free text fields for one or more records.
  • Marketing: an online service for segmenting contact data more effectively.​